We are basically still in our beginning stages. We have chickens and eggs. Live chickens are available on a limited basis unless it is spring and we are hatching chicks, in which case we will be glad to sell you some chicks and any extra hens or roosters we may have. If interested in chickens, you will need to inquire about availability. Eggs are available most any time, but you may want to call first to make sure.

We have brown eggs and some blues and greens. Sizes vary, but if you request ahead we can accommodate you by selecting for size or color.

Our chickens are kept in a run to protect them from foxes, but they do have a means to get out and range if they wish. Many of them take advantage of this opportunity. Those who don't are given fresh greens and clippings to supplement their diet when available.

We are located in Warsaw, NC.

Listing last updated on May 25, 2013

We have brown, blue, and green eggs of various sizes. Normally each dozen is a good mix of colors and sizes (mostly large). Call ahead for availability and to request sizes or colors.

Also inquire about live chickens if interested.

Schedule and Location:

Currently at the Sampson Farmers' Market
Wednesdays 9am -1pm
Saturdays 9am - 1pm

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