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Dégagé Gardens began as a local self-certified organic farm which serviced a local 25 mile radius of restaurants, & health food stores with its' potted organic seedlings in the spring; fresh organic herbs, flowers & veggies in the spring, summer (wineberries!!), & fall; and eco-handcrafted aromatherapy products in the winter. Due to an extended period of illness, I have had to change from that original plan. A lack of energy & focus has brought my focus to the more relaxing part of my business. So, instead of only eco~handcrafting in the winter, I'm doing it all year long! From late summer through fall I am still hand~harvesting & gently drying small bunches of flowers & herbs in Rockaway, to make into delightful organic eco~handcrafted sachets, body wraps, eye pillows, & skincreams. Thankfully, all of the herbs & flowers I grow for my products are drought~resistant, deer~resistant & come back naturally each year!! Yes, even the annual calendula drop their seeds!! With my lack of care, & even with fallen fencing all the strongest have survived!! All of my seed, soil, & fish emulsion is certified organic! Most of my seed & root stock came from organic farms in Maine & Vermont. Many varieties are heirloom (the cream of the crop with the best taste & survival record!) & most are open-pollinated (which means you can save your own seed!!). Companion planting, crop rotation, & hand-picking are my means of insect control. Most handcrafted products are packaged in cellulose bags. Thinned trees from property are used for fence posts, raised bed borders, & mulch. The rocks unearthed in building gardens are used for walls, raised planters & critter security! For a complete list of my eco~friendly ways visit: http://www.degagegardens.com/#eco : ) I am available for presentations on how organic growing is beneficial to you, other growers, the environment, future generations & our economy.


Listing last updated on Nov 14, 2010

I have not planted for 2 years & have decided to tend to the hardy herbs & flowers which return naturally. If anyone is looking for any fresh medicinals, please call! The day it's picked is the day you're there! Don't have the time to wait for fresh-picked? You can call in your order in the morning or early afternoon, for pick-up in the afternoon : Now that's fresh!

My eco~handcrafted organic refillable aromatherapy products are available for wholesale. They include 7 different sachets, 4 eye pillows, a body wrap, & skin relief.

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Ann is very friendly and makes very nice sachets. My cat loves herr catnip sachet and the lavender ones keep my drawers smelling nice.

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