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What do several humans, a hutch of rabbits, millions of red wiggler worms, a stand of exotic palms, plants and pepper trees, miscellaneous chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats, llama, a den of dogs, and a sty full of farm-fresh, well-fed pigs have in common? We all share a 22+ acre family owned and operated ranch.

RABBITS: Mixed breeds for pets, New Zealand Whites for meat. Used cages, feeders and nesting boxes also available if you want to raise your own. Ask us how to partner with us in our new URBAN FARMING 101 series with rabbits and chickens.

FARM FRESH PIGS: NO added hormones or steroids...just delicious home-raised, fruit, vegetable and blended grain-fed, farm-fresh tasty pigs. Various breeds and sizes from weaners, to roasters and freezer pack size. Unique opportunity to drive to the farm and pick your animal for the freezer.

We also offer grass fed LAMB, BEEF, and naturally pastured CHICKENS & TURKEYS.

Quarter, half and full sides available by custom order.

Join us at one of our local Farmer's Markets in many areas of San Diego, Riverside, and Orange Counties. All of our meats sold at Farmer's Markets are U.S.D.A. inspected.

RED WORMS, CASTINGS, TEA and COMPOST: To recycle animal (except dog) excrement and make potting soil for our nursery, we raise red worms (or red wigglers). Their "poop" (worm castings) make the best natural fertilizer available. Castings are carefully blended with other ingredients to produce a natural, organic and nutrient packed potting medium. Worms, castings, casting tea, mulch, compost and blended potting soils, worm bins and instruction manuals are always available.

WORM FARMS: We can custom design and set up a worm farm for you, ranging in size from a small bin designed to consume and recycle your family's daily food left-overs, to a facility large enough to produce worms and castings commercially. We currently have sufficient worm inventory to establish about 12 commercial worm farm sites and thousands of home sized farms.

WORM BINS: In addition to an "Upward Migrating Worm Factory" sold by most internet sites, we have two custom made project worm bin packages which come with worms and an instruction manual. A third bin is on the drawing table.

TOURS: Worm and casting production facility tours. Learn how to build and maintain your own little (or big) worm farm and compost piles. Take home some castings for your garden or plants, compost and a starter kit for your very own worm farm. School, scouts and other groups are welcome, and most generally pack a lunch to spend an afternoon and really enjoy the visit. Feed the pigs, chickens, rabbits, lamb or other critters. We'll even let you "muck" out the stalls if you'd like to get the real farm feel! Tours are scheduled periodically, on a reservation system, "first-come-first-served."

DOGS: A selective and limited annual breeding produces AKC champion line Lhasa Apsos proudly shown throughout California and Arizona. Although we've currently suspended our breeding program, we currently have several beautiful and energetic older puppies still available from our last litters.


Listing last updated on Apr 29, 2013

Our WORM FARM offers Red Worms, Castings, Casting Tea, Farm Consulting, Bins, Tea Brewers, Worm Food, Screened Dairy Manure, Mulch, Compost, and some Blended Soils. FARM-FRESH MEATS: naturally raised and pastured, farm-fresh Pig, Rabbit, Lamb, Chicken, Beef, Turkey and Duck - all U.S.D.A. inspected. 1/4, 1/2, whole sides and combo packs available, FREE FARM TOURS. by appointment.

Season:  January through January

Type:  single farm

Full Share:  

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

- Little Italy Mercado (San Diego), 9 AM - 1:30 PM.
- Palm Springs, 8 AM - 12:30 PM.
- SoCo (Costa Mesa), 9 AM - 2 PM.
- Rancho Santa Fe, 9 AM - 1 PM.
- Solana Beach, 1 PM - 5 PM.
- Newport Beach (Orange County), 9 AM - 1 PM.
- LaQuinta 8 AM - 12:30 PM (Seasonal, Sep - May),
- Escondido 2:3 PM - 6:30 PM.
- Palm Desert, 8 AM - 12:30 PM (Seasonal, Sep - May)
- North Park (San Diego), 3 PM - 7 PM.
- Anza-Borrego (in Christmas Tree Circle), 8 AM - 12 PM (Seasonal, Sep - April).

Variety of Farm-Fresh meat selections and eggs available, fresh and frozen. Pre-order to guarantee availability.

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Great farm, great tour, great worms. Thanks Dave for all the wonderful information on recycling. Our worms are very happy.

I have been blessed to visit Da-Le Ranch on several occasions and have never left there dissapointed. Dave & Leslie are generous and knowledgeable in all aspects of the business they run and show you their hearts by the way they treat you.... [more]

I have been purchasing meats from Da-Le Ranch for almost a month now. My family and I have been very satisfied with the quality of the meats. Having been a former organic market meat fan, I can honestly say that I have been much happier with Da-Le's selection & price.... [more]

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