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We have a wonderful flock of camelids and sheep that provide us with a wide range of fiber types and colors. On rare occasions we will have young llamas available, but our flock is primarily maintained for their fiber production. Sheep breeds include Finn, Romney, Blue Faced Leicester and a variety of crossbreds that have been selected for their wonderful qualities (including personality!). In camelids we have llamas, alpacas and some alpaca/llama crosses.

Our rabbitry's emphasis is on the rare and heritage breeds. A large group of Satin Angoras, and hybrid angoras with a % of Satin provide the ultimate angora fiber. Champagne d'Argents, a heritage French breed and American Chinchillas, an endangered American breed are raised as show and breeding stock as well as part of our fryer program. We are a WSDA licensed processor and have frozen, dressed fryers available most of the time - your choice of whole or cutup. Our rabbits are fed a natural diet of hay and pellets processed at a family owned and operated mill in NW Montana. Hides are processed in ID into some gorgeous pelts that are available seasonally.

We compost all of our animal related refuse and provide it free of charge to local gardeners and have received rave reviews. Rabbit meat is the lowest in calories and fats, yet highest in protein and digestability. Rabbits have one of the smallest carbon footprints of the other meat producers. The meat of a domesticated production animal has some of the highest meat to bone ratio of any other available retail meat, and all of that meat is "white meat" that has no gamey flavor.

We are happy to help others get quality startup stock to grow their own meat rabbits, and provide informational support. Both pedigreed purebred rabbits and specific crossbreds are available much of the time.


Listing last updated on Dec 5, 2010

Naturally Grown Rabbit Frozen fryers either cutup or whole. Breeding stock available if you want to grow your own.

Buy direct from the farm by appointment. Possible to ship larger orders - shipping related charges will be customer's responsibility. Delivery is negotiable to parts of the Inland NW.

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