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It’s the Italian passion that served as inspiration for our ranch’s name – Dalla Terra.

Translated to mean, “From the Land,” Dalla Terra is the perfect symbolism for the vision of our ranch. At Dalla Terra Ranch our lamb graze freely on rich pasture of grass, clover and alfalfa; we aren’t a confinement or feedlot operation. We manage our flock naturally without the use of antibiotics, vaccinations or hormones. We manage carefully so as to eliminate undue stress on our flock - ie we don’t dock tails, shear wool, or trim hooves unneccessarily. Our Katahdin sheep, bred for meat rather than wool, produce meat which is tender, lean, flavorful and rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. We currently sell our lamb within the state of Iowa, offering custom cuts or locker lamb.

Each fall, we have organic apples available. If you are interested in sheepskins, please give us a call or email.

All-natural eggs are available now.

Located in central-Iowa just minutes from Des Moines, we operate with a strict commitment to the environment: our ranch is solar-powered, we utilize renewable biofuels in our vehicles, and we actively participate in the carbon credit program.

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Listing last updated on Sep 8, 2008

We are transitioning or lamb from naturally grown to organically certified in 2009. However, our flock has been managed organically since 2006.

Our apple orchard is organic (exempt). If you are interested in large quantities of apples, please call immediately - they are ready to go.

All-natural eggs are available now.

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