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My husband and I have a small farm in Phoenix, Md. Although we have bred and raised sheep for 8 years now, we have more than we can eat and share, so it is time to offer our lambs for sale to the community. All sheep and lambs are grass fed and our lambs are always born in the spring. Very important to know is that our lambs are slaughtered humanly and efficiently. In this way, the lambs are less traumatized and the meat is sweet. We can only sell the whole lamb and the buyer determines how they want their lamb cut. Of course, more than one family can go in on one lamb.

Listing last updated on Jul 13, 2011

Home grown, all natural grass fed lamb for sale and available Fall 2011

Lambs are about 50 pounds each @$3.00/pound. Only whole lambs are sold, cut to the buyers liking. Chops, roasts, and burger are just an example of how you may like your lamb butchered. Cost for butcher, and freezer wrapping in paper is $75.00. The average 50 pound lamb will cost approximately $225.00 ready to defrost or put in your freezer.

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