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Dancing Cow Farm's goal is to feed the farm 100% from the farm year round, plus 15 whole diet customers. We currently have dairy, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, turkey, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and pasture, hay and grain operations in various stages of development. We expect to be able to serve 15 full time customers in 2013. We currently have 5 full time customers who eagerly await our newest product offerings.

The anchor of our whole diet program is our raw milk dairyshare partner. She follows a Weston Price based diet and is educated regarding the industrial food system and as a result chooses a relationship based, nutrient rich diet. She loves visiting the farm for her scheduled basket pickups where she is greeted by turkeys and piglets. Accompanied, she may go in and rub a piggy's belly and watch them go into blissful piggy comas. She can schedule farm tours and milk the cow and help collect eggs, and bring her friends and family. She can learn how a holistic homestead operates, intending to eventually eliminate all outside food production inputs entirely. She can learn first hand what a constant delight and surprise experiential farming is.

Dancing Cow Farm strives to be 'beyond organic' and has never used chemicals, fertilizers, hormones, or antibiotics. With the addition of our Jersey dairy cow, we leased additional contiguous pasture for her. With the acquisition of our Tamworth breeding stock (heritage pigs) we planted oats, barley, field peas, and non-GMO organic field corn that supplements their forage diet on Ladino clover and buckwheat in addition to pumpkins, apples, acorns, garden leftovers, our milk, fodder beets and sweet potatoes. All of our feed and seed stock is organic, non GMO, and non-hybrid for seed saving. Our land and compost are prepared with biodynamic preparations from the Josephine Porter Institute in Woolwine, Virginia. Our grain mix with added alfalfa also feeds our chickens who free range all over the farm. Sugar, our dairy cow, receives a bit of this mix while milking, which is soy free.

Our dairy products include whole and skim milk, cream, yogurt, kefir, butter, and, after Sugar calves in 2013, cheese. We are raw milk producers and operate under a dairy share agreement prepared by the legal team at Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. A dairyshare agreement allows the co-owner of a dairy cow to have raw milk every week in exchange for paying Dancing Cow Farm to milk and maintain the dairy cow. Our labor is purchased to provide additional raw milk products to our dairy partners.

Our first Tamworths will be ready for processing at the end of March 2013. They may be purchased half or whole or as part of the dairy share basket. You can also be a retail customer and just buy pork and other offerings by appointment.

We are providing Cornish Cross chickens to our current customers and can add to our program upon request. There is a six week lead time to adding additional chickens, but once you're in, there is continual supply. We also have eggs from our Speckled Sussex, Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Americana, Welsummer, and Rhode Island red laying hens.

Our 2013 beef is sold to our current customers and as we add more customers we will add to our beef operation. We have leased an additional 15 acres we are pasture / hay seeding in spring of 2013 with organic orchard grass and alfalfa in order to expand our beef production. We also hope to add lambs in 2013. See below for more information.

We have a three season garden plus canned goods in the winter to choose from. Every ingredient we use not from the farm in food preparation is certified organic and bought in bulk from Frankferd Farms until we develop the ability to use 100% on farm products. For example, this year, we learned how to process our own maple syrup, and will be learning to substitute it for other sweeteners in our baked and prepared goodies.

Food basket selections available by the end of March 2013 includes whole raw milk, cream, yogurt or kefir, butter, eggs, bacon (uncured,) sausage with seasoning pack, maple syrup, and one of the following - granola, muffins, bread or pancake mix. $50 or mix and match, priced individually. Add a chicken $15. Add fresh ham, pork chops, loin, tenderloin, priced by weight. Add kombucha $5. Add veggies in the spring, summer, and fall, and canned goods in the winter. Join us on this journey to feed ourselves, the farm, and 15 customers a nutrient rich whole diet, all year round! Call for more information or to schedule a farm tour.

Farm History

Dancing Cow Farm started in Luray, Virginia, in 2004 as an alpaca breeding business known as Turnbull James Alpacas. We successfully sold mini herds and individual animals from 2004-2008. Over time, the farm began to change its mission to Weston Price based whole diet food production, operating as a homestead rather than a business while we learned to grow food and crops and raise various livestock. Our vision crystallized with the acquisition of our Jersey dairy cow, Sugar, in September 2011. As we began to acquire dairyshare partners, we noticed that they wanted to buy everything we were able to make available from the farm - from our eggs and produce to our chickens, maple syrup and pesto sauce. An on-farm retail store, open to the pubic during the summer of 2011, was difficult to manage for various reasons, primarily because we are employed full time on the farm, and cannot also man a store. But our dairy customers had scheduled pickups and would pick up whole baskets full of everything they wanted at a designated day and time via phone or email orders. We knew when they were coming, filled their basket with goodies for them, they came and got it when they said they would, they put the money in a jar, and we could continue working on the farm. Plus, we love all of our dairy customers and they love us!! It's relationship based farming, and makes everyone very happy. The farm vision is to feed people who love food and love what we do and how we do it.

In order to add more beef and lambs to our whole diet program, we must sell our remaining alpacas and llamas. We need both the capital, and the space. Call or email us regarding pricing on 8 alpacas and 9 llamas. They are being sold as herds and are very reasonably priced for award winning top of the line bloodlines.


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Dancing Cow Farm is a whole diet, holistic 'homestead with an income.' In addition to feeding ourselves and the farm, from the farm, we seek to provide 15 whole diet customers with year round product offerings. Our dairyshare agreement is the cornerstone of our offerings, which follow a Weston Price, nutrient rich diet. Current products offered are raw milk and milk products, eggs, pork, chicken, kombucha. Future offerings from our three season garden and canned goods in the winter.

Schedule and Location:

Pick up per pre-arranged schedule at Dancing Cow Farm.

Schedule and Location:

Dancing Cow Farm is open by appointment only for scheduled pickup and farm tours, year round.

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