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Danda Farm's farm store is open three days a week year-round offering local organic beef, poultry, pork, eggs and dairy products. Our family owned and operated farm is committed to providing high quality organic products to our local community. Beef: Certified organic and raised here on our farm! You can choose individual cuts and pay per pound OR order a quarter beef for your freezer. Ask about our Beef Bargain Boxes and large quantity discounts as well. Nitrate/nitrite free, pastured beef sausages, hot dogs, sticks, ring bologna and jerky available too. Poultry: We carry organic free range poultry produced locally by Eberlys Poultry. Over the holidays we have organic free range turkeys available by special order. Pork: Currently we carry local pastured GMO-free pork by the individual cut. Sometime in the Fall of 2012 we will be transitioning to local certified organic pork. Again, you can purchase individual cuts by the pound or buy in bulk with our Pork Bargain Boxes (coming soon). Dairy & Eggs: Locally grown organic eggs, organic cheese, organic milk and dairy products. Additionally, we carry raw milk and dairy products from Fertile Valley Farm in Myerstown, Pa (no rBST used) and locally grown natural eggs from cage free hens. Check out our website for more information.


Listing last updated on Aug 28, 2012

Check out our certified organic hot dogs! The best thing about them is that you can read and understand everything on the label!! No nitrates! You can feel good about feeding these hot dogs to your family!

Canine Chops and Chunks are HERE! Ingredients: RAW ORGANIC BEEF!! What dog would NOT love that? And at a great price too! Contact us for more information.

Schedule and Location:

603 Lititz Road Manheim, Pa 17545
Tuesday & Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-3

Organic Beef by the quarter
Organic Beef Bargain Boxes

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Love going to Danda Farms and KNOW I'm getting organic meats, milk and other dairy products. They also carry raw milk and raw cheeses which is what I use.... [more]

I love having Danda right down the road to buy our milk and eggs. If you've only ever had grocery store eggs, you seriously NEED to try the organic free range eggs from Danda.... [more]

I love that I can buy true organic, naturally grown product just in my back door to support our local people. That was not available where I grew up and lived previously and it is a luxury I'm very grateful for.... [more]

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