Dark Creek Farm

At Dark Creek Farm we raise muscovy ducks, Ridley Bronze turkeys, and Large Black Hogs. We produce a small amount of cashmere fibre each year as well as a few market lambs. We also have a mixed flock of heritage chickens for eggs as well as a small orchard and market garden.

In partnership with neighbouring Spyder Ranch and Woolly Bear Farm we run a seasonal farm stand and also attend local farmers' markets. All of our animals and poultry are raised on pasture (we lease local fields as our 1.6 acres obviously isn't big enough to raise too many critters!) and are supplemented with organic feed and leftover produce from our farm stand. Woolly Bear Farm is certified organic.

We are located on southern Vancouver Island and are members of Rare Breeds Canada and the American Livestock Conservancy.

Listing last updated on Oct 11, 2012

Located on Vancouver Island, Dark Creek Farm raises heritage breeds of farm animals on pasture. Partnering with neighbouring farms, we sell pork, lamb, turkey, eggs, and certified organic produce through the Alderley Grange Farm Stand. We also have several Welsh and Gypsy cob ponies. No GMOs, no chemical sprays, no prophylactic antibiotics or medications. We are trying to do our bit to produce healthy, delicious food by using permaculture practices.

Schedule and Location:

Moss Street Market in Fairfield on Saturday mornings

Schedule and Location:

Alderley Grange, 5566 Alderley Road, Victoria on Wednesdays and Fridays 3-7 pm and Saturdays from 8:30-noon.

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