Dark Hollow Farm LLC

We are a family run small farm in located in Northern Fauquier County. We take great pride in how our animals are raised and treated. We raise Heritage hogs and turkeys as well as a small offering of meat chickens several times a year. We raise the extremely rare breed of Mulefoot in addition to Berkshire and Tamworth crosses. Our animals our rotated through our 30 acre plus farm and are allowed to forage naturally and grow at their own rate. We offer many varieties of sausage, pork chops, bacon, osso bucco and more...

Listing last updated on Jul 16, 2013

Come see us on the farm! Our freezers currently have fresh bacon, a wide variety of link and bulk sausages as well as chops and roasts for the grill. We also have shitake and oyster mushroom logs and our processing meat chickens weekly.

Schedule and Location:

Dark Hollow Farm
Markham Va
Monday through Saturday

Schedule and Location:

Green Truck Farm
Saturday and Sunday

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Joe Walker and his delightful wife Kelley have created a charming experience when they opened their own farm store, located in the 'downhill' side of an imposing barn in the heart of the old town of Markham, VA.... [more]

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