Davidson Family Farm

Davidson family farm located 4 miles west of Morocco Indiana, and 5 miles west of Donovan or Beaverville IL. We started out with a few chickens and now we are selling Green Eggs, Brown Eggs, Campfire wood for local camping in Willow Slough. Wood also sold by the Cord for firewood to heat your house. We also Have an Orange cart we pull out beside the road and sell vegetables from. We are also selling Cows 1/2 or 1/4 at a time for your kitchen table.

None of our products are Certified anything except good. It is called sustainable farming. We do not waste the chicken poop or the cow poop, but it is not enough, so sure we use some store bought stuff. There is alot of time spent on or near the ground pulling weeds. but a little hurbicide helps. The chickens eat alot of grass and alot of bugs but they still need to eat corn and a calcium suppliment. Anyway what i am trying to say is just use your head, I don't want my kids eating the harsh dangerous stuff being sprayed on alot of the produce u buy in the store. So I don't use them. I don't want to eat eggs from a chicken who has never seen a blade of grass or a worm, (unless he looked out of his cage and saw then out of the window.) And I know what my beef is eating also.

Just be smart, don't use up the land. Take care of the land and it will take care of u !!!


Listing last updated on Jun 30, 2011

Eggs, Vegetables, Wood, Beef.

Schedule and Location:

Morocco Indiana's Farmers Market

Schedule and Location:

any time u see anything u want

Schedule and Location:

Usually Dawn to Dusk 7 days a week, If it is not out Just Knock

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