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Dawgwash Farm is a retirement hobby farm. We produce various foods for our own use and sell excess to the public. Our specific goal is to produce the very best tasting foods for our own table. Produce that has been for sale includes: PORK: In 2010 we will produce 4 pigs. These will be top quality male cross breeds. They will have access inside and outside our barn including a bog. They will be fed no growth hormones or antibiotic laced foods. A significant portion of their food will be fresh goat milk. They make delicious pork. You will buy 1/2 or whole hog and have it butchered at Rices Quality Meats in Spencer to your specification. Rices has a USDA food inspector in house during all operating hours. BEEF: In 2009 our herd of Lowline Angus cross cattle produced 4 excellent steers. Regular customers reported very great satisfaction with this fine beef. In 2010 we will again have 4 steers (8 sides) for sale. (Google "lowline Angus" for more information. Lowline Angus offer very tender and tasty beef in smaller quantities that more people can handle. As always, priority will be given to previous customers, but ask to be put on our mailing list. GOAT kids: We sell registered Nubian goat kids for pets or 4H. GOAT MILK: It is against Indiana law for us to sell goat milk for human consumption. We occasionally sell goat milk for animal replacement purposes. TURKEY: We raise approximately 20 heritage breed turkeys to be ready at Thanksgiving. This year, for the first time, our turkeys will be completely "free range". EGGS: We sell surplus eggs from our mixed flock of rare breed chickens. Fowl are not caged nor are they fed "enhanced" feed. Availability of produce will be announced on CraigsList Bloomington. Preference will be given to prior customers and customers on our wait list.

We welcome visitors, particularly children and prospective customers to visit our farm by appointment.


Listing last updated on Jan 27, 2010

FIELD TRIP / FARM VISIT (We love kids at Dawgwash Farm. We have hosted field trips and farm visits that are fun and educational. Make and appointment. Kids will gather eggs, pet the horses, feed the donkey and milk the goat. Bring a lunch to eat on the lawn, maybe even a fishing pole to catch a Bluegill or two.

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Our family has been getting our Thanksgiving turkey from Dawgwash Farm for the last 2 years (this will be the 3rd). We are always so happy with how delicious our bird turns out.... [more]

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It is getting late in November now and winter is snuggling up close to us here in central Indiana.  It is that time of year when my wife Jane and I wonder if we made the right decision to become hobby farmers out in the woods of Morgan County rather than buy a condo near a good coffee shop in Indianapolis.... [more]

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