Dayri, The Succoth Date

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Dayri, The Succoth Date

The name Dayri has an ancient religious tradition. We sell a 5-lb. bunch with fruit in all stages of ripening, beginning 9/24/15

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 Dayri succoth bunch$25.00

Season: Sep-Oct 

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The name Dayri (or dairi) has had an ancient religious tradition, "The Monastery Date" according to Hodel & Johnson in Dates; perhaps originating in Dayr, a region now in Southern Iraq, which had had a famous ancient religious center. Rabbi Abraham Horowitz of Brooklyn praises the lulov of the Dayri as being the most prized over all other palms' lulovs in the Old Testament Biblical tradition of the Succoth. Our Dayri palms are descendants of ones brought to California by Paul Popenoe in 1913, from Basra in what was then the Ottoman Empire. We sell a 5 lb. bunch which you can hang in your kitchen, porch or succot, in a dry airy spot to continue ripening. Bunches will have fruit in all stages of ripening, but some fruit will be ready to eat, or ready within a few days. We hope to cut and ship on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, and through the following weeks, for 2-day delivery. This variety is normally picked in late October and November as a dry, chewy fruit. We hope to have plenty of fruit ready for shipment in time for the first night of the ceremony.

The 2013/14 crops were damaged by the late August and early September Monsoon rains coming up from Baja California, always a danger for date growers in the Coachella Valley. Our rains in 2015 in August and early September did some damage to cracked skins and calyxes. We are learning how and when to pick these bunches, and appreciate feedback on how well they ripen. Picking 10/14, better quality, more ripe fruit

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