DD Farms grows "hormone free" AGED ANGUS beef. Our quarter and half sides of beef come from a 1960's art of slow-aging up to 20 days. Its a "all natural" process and results in bold, palatable, and juicy tasting meat. During the dry-aging process, the muscle and fat are "fused" and natural enzymes in the beef cause juices to be absorbed into the meat. The slow aging enhances the flavor and tenderizes the steaks and roast.

"HOME OF GREAT STEAKS", since 1946, three generations of Allens have made a patient art of aging the finest premium beef on the east coast. Our Angus cattle are bred, raised, and finished on our farm in Mint Hill, NC. We then have it gov. inspected, cut to your order, double wrapped, labeled and flash frozen for your home freezer. D D Farms uses no steroids, and no growth harmones or antibiotices in our meat.

Listing last updated on Mar 10, 2008

DD Farms uses rotational grazing and finishing programs to reach ideal weight and desired amount of outside body condition. Our Angus steers are fed "all natural" dried brewers hops. They average 16 months of age, yield between 1,000 to 1,250 pounds and yield between 500 to 600 pounds of meat. After aging and trimming, our average half side of beef weights around 200 lbs.

Schedule and Location:

Mint Hill Farmers Market, 9AM to 1PM, sat. only

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Two great steaks wrapped up together, frozen, thawed, seasoned, grilled, eaten, and great! I think I'l play that song again!

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