Deane's Lobster Specials

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Deane's Lobster Specials

Place your order and know that the following day your lobster will be packaged from the daily catch. We ship lobsters that are prime and hard shell.

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 24lbs of 6lb size $718.75  Qty:
 24lbs assorted live lobsters $592.25  Qty:
 16lbs of 1.6lb size $408.25  Qty:
 15lbs of 3lb size $376.60  Qty:
 12.5lbs of 2.5lb size $343.10  Qty:
 10lbs of 2lb size $287.50  Qty:
 7.5lbs of 1.6lbs size $256.90  Qty:

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The Grand Manan Island lobster season has opened!

If you have any special requests or a la'carte orders, please feel free to contact us directly at 506.662.5555.


Live lobsters are a greenish-black in color. They turn red after cooking.

Unpack & cook your live lobsters as soon as possible. Do not submerge lobsters in cold water or put them on ice. Live lobsters may be stored briefly in the refrigerator in a paper bag or an open plastic bag (do NOT close the plastic bag).

Do not store your cooked lobsters in the shipping box, which will result in contamination from live bacteria.

Cooked lobsters may be stored up to two days in the refrigerator.

Even if you lobster arrives "asleep", you can still cook them, and if the tail curls after cooking, the lobster is fair game for the dining table.

Read our cooking recommendations on our Handling & Cooking page at our website.

We ship live lobsters from Grand Manan Island in Canada across North America by FedEx.

Where does your food come from? Where do your food dollars go?

More and more these days, food buyers are connecting with local farmers and fisherman who harvest a premium quality, sustainable product.

Buying from Grand Manan Lobster is like buying from a local fisherman in your community.

We ship live Grand Manan Island lobster across North America by FedEx to you within 36 hours from placing your order.

Thoughtfully Harvested. At Grand Manan Lobster, we believe in providing sustainably-harvested, healthful seafood. Grand Manan lobsters are the freshest, highest quality lobsters in the world, caught in the pristine, icy waters around Grand Manan island off the easternmost coast of Maine.

Every Grand Manan Lobster has a Pedigree: When you buy from us, you will know which lobsterman (or woman) caught your particular order. This gives you, our customer, a "chain of custody" for your lobster. You can feel confident in knowing your harvester and seeing where your food dollars go.

Two Distinct Seasons: We ship lobsters only two times a year. Here on Grand Manan Island, our sustainable harvest season runs from the 2nd Tuesday in November through the end of June. Orders for immediate shipment are taken from November through mid January, and from the end of April to the end of June. Why? Lobster migration. Through the summer months and into the fall, lobsters in the waters around Grand Manan Island cast off their old shells ("molt") so they can breed. During the breeding period, the fishery is closed to sustain lobster populations. When the fishery reopens in November, lobsters are migrating toward the colder, deeper waters of the Gulf of Maine. During this period the lobsters are mobile and can be caught by our lobstermen. Once they arrive in the waters of the Gulf of Maine, usually around the middle of January, lobsters become less mobile. Because of difficult weather conditions and "sleepy" lobsters, our season enters a period of dormancy between January and April. The second distinct season arrives when lobsters become mobile again and return to the waters off Grand Manan. This migration begins at the end of April, but is subject to air and water temperatures of each particular year.

Our lobsters are packed tail end down in vertical compartments in the box. The lobsters do not see one another and do not feel the instinct to fight. This solitary position mimics a lobster's resting state. They are not stressed, so they use less oxygen. Research shows that lobsters shipped this way arrive at their destination in exceptional condition; healthful and delicious. Our packing system is just another way we ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Exceptional Taste and Freshness: By shipping overnight, your lobster arrives fresher and tastes better than food shipped long distances with traditional methods of transportation. Local farmers and fisherman can offer food varieties bred for taste and freshness rather than for shipping and long shelf life. Our partnering with FedEx ensures that Grand Manan lobster is actually fresher than what you find at your neighborhood seafood market or, for that matter, any other source in North America.

At Grand Manan Lobster Captain Deane says, "Don't Trust a Skinny Lobsterman!"