Dearly Cottage Lamb

Dearly Cottage has partnered with This Old Farm Alliance in Colfax (they've their own website where they sell several kinds of meats) to sell lamb. Dearly Cottage Lamb can be requested when buying from This Old Farm. (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT UNTIL FALL 2014.) Future orders can be placed through this Local Harvest listing, please contact for pricing.

Dearly Cottage now produces purebred Clun Forest lambs for meat and as registered breeding stock. Freezer lambs are available in the fall of 2014; registered lambs are weaned in mid-summer and ready for new homes. Early orders accepted at any time!

Dearly Cottage is home to the first flock (currently 9 ewes) of registered Clun Forest ewes in Indiana (which are faithfully watched over by a white llama named Practice). The Clun Forest is a smaller heritage breed known for its hardiness and thriftiness, and the lambs gain well on grass. Clun Forest lambs are born in March/April and are about 80-90 lbs in October. No hormones or unnecessary antibiotics are used. Inquiries for raw wool or roving are welcome. Lamb is for sale by the cut or as half-lamb or whole-lamb - as follows: By the cut: Sausage - $ 5.75 per pound Ground, crown roast, leg of lamb - $6.00 per pound (PROCESSING IS AN ADDITION CHARGE AS SET BY THE PROCESSOR for whole or half lamb.)

Meat is currently available by the cut - orders will be taken until Oct 1, 2014.

Visitors are welcome to come and see bouncing lambs, being born right now!


Listing last updated on Apr 4, 2014

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