Deep Creek Ranch, Inc.

We provide superior, nutritious, bright and fresh flavored Angus and South Poll grass fed and finished beef. We use organic methods in humanely caring for our animals in the sunshine on open pastures. No antibiotics, a vegetarian diet and only natural growth hormones We know the life history of every animal on our ranch, from birth to harvest. We sell by the whole beef, or side or split side. If you want to partner with other families to meet your beef needs, we will cooperate and asist. We can link you with other buyers. Our grass fed beef has marbling. Our South Poll beef is leaner and these animals are bred for tenderness without fat. We have traditional Angus and Hereford as well. We enjoy all the beef at home. When you are ready to receive your purchase, be sure to let us know. We do not ship as we believe in local consumption of local food. Enlist a few neighbors and friends, and buy the kind of meat stores don't have. Please visit our website, and enjoy the information we have there. Thank you!


Listing last updated on Mar 29, 2014

We provide superior, nutritious, bright and fresh flavored delicious meats from Angus, Hereford and South Poll grass fed and finished cattle. Raised in the sun, on open pasture and a natural diet of forages. No antibiotics, and no added hormones. We treat our animals humanely. Herd nutrition and health is a primary management concern. We use a private, local processor. We only sell locally, in Central Florida.

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We are on our second order from Deep Creek. The quality of the meat is awesome. Prior to our first order we met David Strawn at the ranch and he showed us the cattle and lambs.... [more]

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