Dela Rose Farm is a very small part of a 112 year old farm that was sold into small parts. In March of 2009, I found this old farm house and old barns with 4.3 acres. I fell for it instantly. It was not used for years, but it had potential. I wanted to buy it, but I was told it was sold. So I started looking again. In July, I wanted to see what it sold for and found out the sale fell through. Happy Day. So, on July 29th, I signed on the dotted line.

The land was not used for at least 3 years and was so over grown. The first thing we did was to brushhog half of it. That was it for 2009. In 2010, I got 3 Nigerian Dwarf goat kids...all does. I also found out I had three old apple trees on the farm. The spring of 2011 was a very busy time and very rainy. I planted 20 seedless grapes vines, 1 row of raspberries, a patch of June bearing strawberries, a small mixed fruit orchard and some 35 hazel nut bushes. In the fall, I got Pekin ducks, 14 of them and they should start laying eggs this spring...I hope to have duck eggs for sale in April and a limited supply of strawberries in June. I now have a nice polled Nigerian buck for my small herd of does and will have (I hope) kids in the fall. so here comes the goat's milk soap and hand lotion. So with god and my family and friends, I start this farm.

I use home grow plants as teas to use on my plants and trees, no pesticides used.


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