DeLaney Community Farm, a project of Denver Urban Gardens

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DeLaney Community Farm, a project of Denver Urban Gardens

DeLaney Community Farm A project of Denver Urban Gardens, DeLaney is a community farm with a mission to grow healthy food for people in-need, provide meaningful education opportunities, and model sustainable, organic growing practices.

DeLaney Community Farm's mission is fulfilled through these program areas:

-A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that engages members in the mission of the farm: -Food share programs to improve access to healthy produce for in-need communities -Hands-on trainings and internships in topics such as organic horticulture, healthy food preparation and preservation, and beekeeping

DeLaney is a 158-acre historic property located at 170 S. Chambers Road (between 1st and Alameda), on Aurora Parks & Open Space land. The Farm is situated on one of metro-Denvers most scenic and rare pastoral areas and is accessible by Highline and Tollgate Creek bicycle and pedestrian trails, car and bus. DUG cultivates approximately 3 acres of mixed vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Community Supported Agriculture DeLaney's members consist of shareholders, Women, Infants and Children participants, Community Partners Shares, and local restaurants & markets. DeLaney supports the equivalent of 70 large vegetable shares each season.

Shareholders Once a week over our 18-week growing season, members receive a bounty of seasonal, sustainably grown produce picked fresh.

DeLaney shareholders buy into the fate and the mission of the farm each season. Shareholders support of DeLaneys mission-based work is vital to our success. Shareholders are asked to provide giveback volunteer hours, in order to connect with the community and contribute to our overall success. Giveback hours may include a number of activities, such as helping with daily farm tasks, supervising a shareholder pick-up or Saturday workday, teaching a class, fundraising, helping at the Farm Stand, provide DeLaney outreach at events, or use a personal skill. Shareholders are encouraged to attend and contribute to potlucks and other events, in order to deepen community relationships.

Produce Shares- Individuals or groups can purchase the following:

Standard Share: $450 Total + 5 Giveback Hours; Supports 2-3 people.

Large Share: $650 Total + 10 Giveback Hours. Supports 4-5 people.

Family-to-Family Share: $800 Total: Purchase a Share, and Sponsor an in-need family at a Discounted Rate! 1 Standard Share provided to purchaser & 1 Standard Share provided to family that has been identified.

Pick-ups are once a week, mid-June through mid-October.

-Standard & Large Share Members - pick up shares at DeLaney Community Farm on Tuesdays from 3pm-7pm

-Family-to-Family Share members - choose to have shares delivered to the DUG office downtown on Wednesdays or at DeLaney on Tuesdays during shareholder pick-up

-Horse Barn & Posner Center Tenant Share members - shares delivered to the DUG office on Wednesdays

Shareholder Kick-Off Breakfast Potluck: All shareholders are strongly encouraged to attend this orientation to learn about the season ahead, understand Community Partner Shares, the WIC Program, meet community and partner farmers, ask questions and meet & greet your DeLaney community!

2014 Kick-Off Date: Saturday, June 7th; 9am-Noon. We will gather to eat at 9am. The program will begin promptly at 10am! Sign up for giveback hours, including Shareholder Supervisor for Pick-Up & Saturday workdays!

Participation is for one year. Shareholders are expected to complete giveback hours within the calendar year. Invitations will be extended in the following year to shareholders who complete giveback hours. Invitations to re-subscribe will also be based on cooperativeness, as well as an understanding and support of DUGs mission as a non-profit.

Interest List: Those on the interest list will be notified when shares are available the following year. Shares will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We cannot place you on the wait list for specific share types. To be placed on the Interest List, please sign up at

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Community WICs mission is to improve the nutrition and health status of low-income women, infants, and preschool children by providing nutritious foods, nutrition and health education. DeLaney and Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) have partnered for more than 10 years, allowing WIC clients to participate at DeLaney.

WIC at DeLaney: WIC participants can provide one hour of work each Tuesday and/or Saturday at DeLaney in exchange for a standard share of freshly harvested produce.

WIC Orientation: All WIC clients are encouraged to attend this event! Learn about DeLaney & Tri-County Health Department's partnership including the work exchange program at DeLaney. 2014 Orientation Date: Tuesday, June 24th, 10am-Noon

WIC Workdays: Are you a WIC client who is interested in participating in this program? Here's how it works:

Arrive at DeLaney Community Farm- Tuesdays between 8:30-10:30am, July 1st - October 7th and/or Saturdays between 9:00-11:00am, July 12th - September 27th

Ask for a DeLaney staff member or intern, and we will help you get started with a farm task, such as weeding or harvesting. Children are welcome! After working at your task for one hour, you can take home a freshly harvested share of organically grown produce! The program is free to all WIC participants.

SPONSORS: Businesses, organizations, and individuals can support WIC through share purchases. WIC: $600 for the season

Community Partner Share (CPS) Community One of the primary objectives of DeLaney is to help challenged populations improve their nutrition and their access to healthy foods. CPS is a program that links DeLaney with organizations that serve those in-need, low-income groups and individuals.

CPS at DeLaney: Shares are delivered to the organizations each week during the growing season. Shareholders can choose to donate unwanted vegetables to CPS each week.

Project Angel Heart: promotes the health, dignity and self-sufficiency of people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by providing nutritious, home-delivered meals with care and compassion.

Project Worthmore (PWM): is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of Denver-area refugees from Burma by providing cultural mentorship and community support.

The Gathering Place: exists to support women and their children experiencing homelessness and poverty by providing a safe daytime refuge and resources for self-sufficiency. The Gathering Place services include serving three nutritious meals per day.

SPONSORS: Businesses, organizations, and individuals can purchase CPS, which provides an organization with a full season of fresh, local produce. CPS: $600 for the season

The Community Partner Fund: A donation of any amount is welcome and beneficial! The Fund will be used to develop Community Partner Share programs and needed resources for our in-need participants.

City of Aurora DeLaney now grows pumpkins for the City!


Internships Each season DeLaney hosts full-time Community Farm Interns. These positions offer individuals, of all ages and backgrounds, opportunities for job training and education. Community Farm Interns focus on the full scope of what it takes to run DeLaney Community Farm. Major focus areas include: agriculture training, programmatic and organizational training, and community/volunteer organizing and leadership. Please see for details.

Community Cooking Demonstrations & Lunch DeLaney staff provides cooking demonstrations followed by a community lunch at DeLaney Community Farm. Various dishes are prepared, primarily using seasonal, fresh vegetables and minimal ingredients from DeLaney. Attendees are given the recipes, highlighting the nutritional information of the vegetables used. The goals include: increasing awareness of seasonal vegetables and the nutritional value of vegetables, as well as offering our community a time to enjoy a meal together each week.

Days: Every Tuesday, July 22nd-September 30th, 2014 Time: 11:30-1pm Cost: $5 per person, Free for WIC Clients

DeLaney's CSA Camp for Kids New in 2014! Kids aged 8-12 years old are welcome to participate in this day camp! This unique experience will engage and educate. Kids will learn about DeLaney's mission-based CSA, seasonal vegetables, participate in hands-on farming activities, and will learn about the importance of community to our farms success.

Dates: Monday, June 16-Friday, June 20 Time: 9am-3pm (Drop-Off at 8:45, Pick-up by 3:15 to avoid Late Pick-Up Charges) Cost: $300

What to Expect: Each day kids will begin the day with a team building exercise, followed by hands-on farming activities, a daily cooking demonstration with DeLaney produce, and end with an educational workshop.

Classes Educational classes, offered each season, have included: Composting, beekeeping, vegetable preservation, herbs, kid's classes and more! To learn more and sign up for 2014 classes, please visit:

Volunteer Workdays & Tours

Volunteers: Youth and adults are encouraged to help in the growing of the produce, help maintain compost, and participate in activities.

Availability: May-September; Mondays from 1-3pm, Tuesdays-Fridays from 8am-Noon and 1-3pml Group volunteers are scheduled in 2-hour blocks.

What to Expect: Activities will be age-appropriate and based on DeLaney's needs for that specific day. Activities will be determined by staff on the scheduled workday.

Note: We cannot accommodate requests for specific volunteer activities.

Tours: Guided educational tours are available!

Availability: May-September; Wednesdays-Fridays from 8am-Noon and 1-3pm

Cost: $5 per person, with a $25 minimum charge.

What to Expect: A typical tour is for 1 hour. Participants will gather in the greenhouse for a presentation about DeLaney's unique mission-based CSA, followed by a walking tour around the farm. 1 DeLaney staff per 15 people.

Free self-guided individual tours are available to individuals with a DeLaney Tour Book.

Tour + Volunteer Workday: Interested in an educational opportunity, combined with giving back to the community? You can combine them at DeLaney!

Availability: May-September; Wednesdays-Fridays from 8am-Noon and 1-3pm

Tour Cost: $5 per person, with a $25 minimum charge.

What to Expect: A tour to start, typically lasting for 1 hour, followed by a 1-2 hour volunteerworkday.

The Harvest DeLaney's weekly newsletter provides weekly seasonal recipes, upcoming events and announcements, photos and more! Shareholders automatically receive The Harvest as the primary means of communication during the farm season.

If you are interested in receiving The Harvest, please sign up at

Sustainable Agriculture & Produce

DeLaney strives to grow a variety of vegetables. Vegetables are available seasonally and natural factors such as drought, flooding, hail, and freezes affect the length of the season as well as quality, variety, and volume of produce available.

DeLaney integrates sustainable practices into its farm operations including integrated pest management, water conservation, experiments in soil conservation, cover crops, crop diversity, nutrient management, inter-cropping, etc.

Farm Stand The public can purchase produce at DeLaney for a suggested donation on Saturdays from 9am - Noon. Farm Stand donations directly support DeLaney programming. We accept EBT & WIC Vouchers!

2014 Dates: Saturdays from 9am-Noon, July 12th-September 27th (Closed August 30th)

Annual Events

Farm-to-Table Brunch Please join us for our Annual Sunday Brunch in the Field, a farm-to-table fundraising event featuring food from DeLaney and our partners around Colorado. Snooze, an AM Eatery, will be preparing a delicious breakfast along with fresh fruit and beverages. Brunch will be held on the ground, so bring your picnic blanket, chairs and whatever else you might need. Please help us to keep waste to a minimum- bring your own plates and silverware!

2014 Brunch in the Field Date: Sunday, September 21st

Harvest Fundraiser Please join us at DUG's Horse Barn for our 2nd Annual Harvest Fundraiser, in partnership with Yelp!

2014 Dates: TBD: Please check for updates & sign-up at:

Partner Farmers

DeLaney seeks to support local farmers, while making various foods available to shareholders. DeLaney shareholders have the option to purchase these shares, which are delivered to DeLaney. Open to DeLaney CSA Shareholders only.

Ela Family Farms Fruit: located on the Western Slope outside of Hotchkiss, Colorado. Ela is a 99-acre organic fruit farm, family owned and operated for four generations. Prices will remain the same in 2012, however fruit quantity will increase for a total of 78 lbs! Certified Organic. $180 co-op membership ($211 Retail Value)

Eastern Plains Natural Food Cooperative Eggs: provided by Dallas Gilbert at Eastern Plains Natural Food Cooperative, membership comes with humanely raised poultry products. The Co-op is a small, family operated enterprise that raises livestock under simple, prairie grown conditions without the use of medications, stimulants or other growth modifying chemicals. $90 co-op membership 1. Chicken egg only. 2. One share per family per week (approx. 18 wks = approx. 18 dz eggs) 3. Eggs delivered in 30 egg flats. Shareholders bring their own egg cartons, pick their own eggs and fill their own egg cartons. 4. Only 20 shares available! Please call Heather at 303.292.9900. 5. Unclaimed eggs (after shareholder pick-up) will go to community programs on Wednesday mornings!

Western Colorado Honey: owned and operated by Paul Limbach, in Silt, CO, honey is available in gallon containers and delivered to DeLaney one time at the beginning of the season. 1 Gallon of Alfalfa Honey, $40 1 Gallon of Wildflower Honey, $45

Dougan Farm Goat Milk: Goats are free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids, and are tested monthly for safety. Goats are fed grass, hay, alfalfa (pasture when available), natural grain (when milking), sunflower seeds, and organic oats. Dougan Farm is located in Strausburg, CO and is State Registered and a member of RMAC (Raw Milk Association of Colorado).

$40, one time fee for an undivided share + a $50 monthly boarding contract. Half shares are also available. Share purchases, delivery and payments must be arranged with Sharron, as goat milk shares cannot be stored at DeLaney!


Listing last updated on Dec 9, 2014

Season:  June through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  1997

# of Shares:  70

Full Share:  Standard Share: $450 Total + 5 Giveback Hours; Supports 2-3 people. Large Share: $650 Total + 10 Giveback Hours. Supports 4-5 people. Family-to-Family Share: $800 Total: Purchase a Share, and Sponsor an in-need family at a Discounted Rate! 1 S

1/2 Share:  Standard Share: $450 Total + 5 Giveback Hours; Supports 2-3 people.

Work Req?  Yes: 5

Schedule and Location:

DeLaney Community Farm
170 S. Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80016

Pick-Up: Tuesdays, 3:00 - 7:00pm

Schedule and Location:

DeLaney Community Farm

2014 Dates: Saturdays from 9am-Noon, July 12th-September 27th (Closed August 30th)

We accept EBT & WIC Vouchers!

Farm Stand donations directly support DeLaney programming.

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