Delectation of Tomatoes, etc.

A major objective of Delectation of Tomatoes, etc. is to enhance physical health, contribute to the enjoyment of food, and encourage ecologically responsible and sustainable gardening practices by providing a wide variety of the healthiest, best tasting, and locally grown produce available. We use all natural and OMRI listed products (including humates, compost/worm castings tea, sea kelp, fish emulsion, etc.), amend soil with >70 trace minerals, and control pests with cultural practices.

In 2011 we produced 280 varieties of tomatoes, 52 peppers, 31 melons & cucumbers, 24 squash & pumpkins and dozens of other types & varietes - all this on 1/8th of an acre! In 2012, we plan to increase diversity and quantity. (obviously we're looking for an additional parcel of land...).

Our desire is to deliver this food - super fresh from farm to table - to people primarily through CSA shares. We are also interested in exploring outlets through local restaurants, farmers markets, food coops, and/or roadside stands.

Another major objective is to encourage people to be more self-reliant and less dependent upon "The System" for their food needs. Accordingly, we sell more than 300 varieties of seeds (year round) and starts (Spring). Additionally, we offer gardening assistance (planning, consulting, installation) and plan to offer classes emphasizing self-reliance through food production.

Our first season was 2011 and we had several very satisfied customers - referrals are available!.


Listing last updated on Nov 17, 2013

DELECTATION OF TOMATOES, etc. > 300 varieties of seeds available now! > 300 varieties of seedlings available in Spring, 2012 > 450 varieties of garden fresh vegetables available May-October., 2012 **CSA share sign up starting in January, 2012** - Garden planning, consulting, installation - Tomato Tasting Party in August! - Classes coming with topics such as: Gardening Techniques; Soil Ecology; Seed & Food Preservation; Sustainable Living; Raising Your Own Seedlings; Maximizing Production.

Season:  May through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2011

# of Shares:  20

Full Share:  $450 for 26 weeks, a couple of half-price working shares are left

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Downtown Salt Lake City, Pioneer Park, Tuesday Evenings, 4 p.m. to dusk

Saturdays, location to be determined

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