Solstice Sun Farm

We are a small hobby farm operated by my husband and I. We will be adding new items in the future but for now we are selling free range rainbow colored eggs. Our flock of hens contains a number of breeds and mixed breeds including Blue Andalusian, Buff Orphington, White Leghorns and Americaunas.

We will also have duck eggs on occasion from our free range Pekin duck and Rouen ducks, we hope to add more laying ducks in the spring as we just adore duck eggs.

Chicken eggs $2.50/dozen Duck eggs $3.50/dozen. Farm pickup only

Photo credit: Brent Walsh (our turkey tom, his picture)

Listing last updated on Jul 5, 2013

Free range "rainbow" eggs and duck eggs. Duck, goose and turkey whole birds (for 2013).

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