Depression Tea

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Depression Tea

Organically grown herbs without the use of pesticides, herbicides, etc

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This formula is for mild and major depression, it helps one to feel more positive and give one a better sense of self worth, thus helping a person to get through the day better.

Fighting depression can be tough, and these herbs may give you the boost you need.

Depression symptoms include the following:

Increased or Loss of Appetite;

unable to Sleep;

not wanting to get up and get going in the morning;

in ability to dispel negative thoughts;

lack of energy;

inability to concentrate properly

With proper nutrition and herbs to balance, all of these above conditions can be dealt with successfully. I have made up a formula that has the right amount of herbs for depression and I find that it works very well.

Ingredients: rosemary, mints, lemon balm , cloves, lemon .

The 4 teabags are 1 cup of tea for each teabag

The 6, 12, 15, etc teabags are 2 or more cups of tea per teabag.

All of my herbs are 100% natural with no pesticide, herbicides, etc. Everything is also hand harvested.

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