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Destiny Farm is a small farm along side of Kensington Metro park that Grows an sell At a farmstand . We grow fresh vegetables of all types for fresh pick at the stand or to canning customers. We also sell and ship on Line. We raise chickens for suppling fresh eggs, Hatching Eggs, and chicks to local and on line customers. We have 2 greenhouse, that we grow and sell common and exotic flowers for, bedding, potted and hanging baskets.including patio pots. We also Grow and sell Vegetable plants, Heritage Tomato's, Pickling Cucumbers, sweet corn, Beans, In trays , hanging baskets, patio pots. Destiny Farm has 3 ponds. We grow and sell Pond Plants, alot of common types, frogs and Koi, for your pond. Destiny Farm, will also custom Grow your seeds, Hatch's your eggs, or order Plants on your behalf . We have pumpkins and corn stalks for holloween decor. and a veriaty of winter squash. It is family worked and run and we treat everyone like old freinds , you'll feel like your at home. Bring the Kids, gramma even your mother in law and stop by for a vist. We Also offer tilling services If you need it???Lets build your garden..


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Destiny Farm is a small family run farm were everyone is welcome and invited to come share in the growing and picking of fresh vegetables, Collecting eggs, or going in the greenhouse and plant something. You are also free to just walk around and just injoy. Bring the kids and the dog, you will feel right at home. We have to ask you not to be kissi'n the chicken's though , everyone thinks they are to cute. You can get online at our website or call Joni for an update of whats happening now!

Schedule and Location:

7 days, 8am to 8pm

Schedule and Location:

7 days, 8am to 8pm

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I searched for hours online to find strawberry seeds, but could only find the small little Alpine ones which I did not want. You would not think its that hard to find stawberry seeds.... [more]

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Here at Destiny Farm, Mike and I are always looking for ways to do things better for our farm Visitors and Customers. Please feel free to post on our blog and let us know of any Ideas or changes you think we should make to make our farm better for you.... [more]

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