Dewberry Hills Farm

Dewberry Hills Farm-the Omnivore's Delight! We specialize in pastured poultry raised in accordance with the principals outlined by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm. From birth to processing-we take responsibility for every step of our broilers life. Our birds are raised on fresh green grass in movable chicken pens and fed a special grain mix that we have ground locally to supplement their diet. They are never fed hormones or antibiotics or anything we wouldn't eat ourselves.

We promise you: Good Stewardship-Our chickens are raised and processed with care and compassion. Environmental Responsibility-The land and the wild creatures we share it with are treated with respect.

Absolute Honesty-We welcome volunteers to work and learn how we raise the birds. Community Building-We support our local grain farmers and feed store.

Located just 50 miles from Austin and Bastrop, we invite our clients and friends to visit us by appointment on our farm to see how their food is raised. Warning-all drop-in visitors will be put to work!


Listing last updated on Feb 21, 2012

You may purchase our chicken in Austin at: SFC Sunset Valley Farmer's Market at the Tony Berger Center SFC Downtown Farmers Market at Republic Square Every Saturday from 9 AM- 1PM

Wheatsville Co-op-3101 Guadalupe St

These are some of the restaurants that serve our chicken. In Austin: Cipollina Lenoir Texas French Bread The Highball Siena Dai Due East Side Showroom Parkside Uchiko Contigo Thai Fresh

In San Antonio: The Cove-606 W. Cypress

Schedule and Location:

SFC Sunset Valley Farmers Market at the Tony Berger Center
SFC Downtown Farmers Market at Republic Square

Every Saturday from 9 AM - 1PM all year long,come rain or shine!

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love love love this chicken. unlike some other naturally grown bird, the meat is really juicy and i crave it. dontcha love it when you open your package of fresh chicken and you cant smell a thing??? great folks too!

Jane and Terry raise, process and sell chicken that is addictingly good. I can honestly say that if we can't get their chicken, we just don't eat chicken that week.... [more]

I LOVE this chicken! I am very choosy about my family's food because we have a lot of food sensitivities. We follow a strict diet and choose only pasture-raised and local meat.... [more]

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