Diamond Creek Heritage Sheep

Located in the mountains of Idaho, our small ranch has become home to many creatures great and small. With a picturesque view of the Continental Divide and of the great Salmon River, it seemed only fitting in an area this pristine, to raise and protect livestock breeds that were a part of our past and will hopefully remain important to our future. The English Leicester and the Black Welsh Mountain sheep we raise are still currently listed on the American Livestock Conservancy List. We raise these sheep for their meat, fiber and breeding stock. The fiber is available as fleece, with rovings,and batts to follow. In addition to the breeds above we also raise Merino and the stately British Wensleydales.

We have chosen each of the heritage and other breeds of sheep we have to provide not only quality fiber, but also lean meat. The sheep are raised and finished on pasture. During the winter they continue to graze and are fed local hay/alfalfa. Each ewe receives whole grains two weeks prior to lambing to keep her healthy and strong for lambing. Our breeding season starts in late November so that the lambs can quickly move from their indoor lambing stall to fresh pasture. To control parasites at this early age, we have a separate lambing pasture that is completely rested after lambing, until the following year. As a ranch we strive to practice sustainable agricultural practices.


Listing last updated on Apr 24, 2010

Located in East Central Idaho, Diamond Creek Heritage Sheep raises purebreed English Leicester, Black Welsh Mountain, Wenslydale and Merino sheep. Two of our breeds are listed on the American Livestock Conservancy list. Our sheep were chosen for there genetic diversity, and also for the quality of meat and fiber they produce. We offer breeding stock, fleece, roving and small one of a kind batches of yarn.

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