Diamond Eggplant Seeds

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Diamond Eggplant Seeds

Early and abundant, dark purple, 8-10" x 3" fruits - perfect for frying, eggplant parmesan, etc...

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from: Lazy Ox Farm

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(Solanum melongena)

72 days. Open polinated. From the Ukraine. Modest sized plants produce an abundance of good sized fruits early, and keep producing all season until frost. Fruits are dark purple, 8-10" x 3", non-bitter, firm, and set in clusters. This is an awesome eggplant for the north due to its earliness and size, but also does exceedingly well here in southern Missouri. Fruits are set in clusters, so several are ready at the same time. Perfect for frying, eggplant parmesan, baba ganouj, etc. Weeks earlier than Rosa Bianca. A real workhorse of an eggplant. Germinated at 88% .


Lifecycle:1    (0: N/A, 1: annual, 2: perennial, 3: biennial)
Container Planting:yes

Cultural Requirements:

Soil:Adaptable. High quality compost is much appreciated by eggplant. We side dress with composted chicken manure when the flea beetle threat is reduced.
Propagation / Germination:Start seeds indoors 7 weeks before last frost. Keep soil very lightly moist, not wet. 85 degrees is optimum, but anywhere from 85-90 degrees will work okay.
Sun:Full sun. Eggplant adore heat.
Water:Water weekly if necessary. Do not apply mulch until soil is thoroughly warmed and plants are growing rapidly.
Pests and Diseases:Potato bugs: Hand pick. Flea Beetles: We have found that the best way to beat the beetle is to wait to plant out until soil and nights are warm so the plants establish and grow quickly. Well-hardened plants do best. Go easy on the nitrogen until plants are growing rapidly. Flea beetles love that tender growth that nitrogen inspires. In the north, plant out under row covers that are well sealed to keep the beetle out. Remove when plantsa are very well established and growing rapidly.

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