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Diamond K Ranch CSA is a family run operation, by Levi and Corie Downey and their two children Zane and Halle. The primary goal for us is to provide the healthiest, happiest animals possible and as a result the highest quality products possible. We strive to keep as many of our products as local as possible. The chickens for our eggs, lambs and goats are born and raised her on the ranch, the pigs from a small family pig operation just east of Butte, MT and the broiler chicks are ordered from a small hatchery in Caldwell, ID and we purchase all of our feed from a local feed mill. All of this allows us to keep our costs down and helps us to produce the greenest products possible.

It is our opinion that our shareholders should know EXACTLY where their food comes from, what it was fed, how they were raised, and as important as anything else, that they were HUMANLY PROCESSED. We believe that a happy, healthy stress free animal makes a much better end product. Our animals are fed an all vegetarian diet. We also have NO interest in feeding anything to our animals with hormones of any kind. We feed our animals an all natural diet. We allow them out on pasture as much as possible, this allows the end product to be much healthier as it is a leaner product with more truly natural and organic occurring nutrients found in the earth. Even the pigs get out to race around and bark! It is really a kick to watch them play!

We work very hard to be good stewards of our land. It is very important not only for our health and that of our domestic animals, but also for the wildlife that inhabit the creek bottom we live in. One of the most wonderful things about having a home nestled next to a year round creak on top of the Great Divide is that we also get the wonderful privilege of being the first to see the cow moose introducing their new calves to the first taste of grass and willow leaves.

One of the most important things to us is that our children (ours and yours) learn how to properly raise animals for food in a humane way using good animal husbandry practices. It is a very sad thing to us that in today's society many of the children don't truly understand where food comes from.

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