Diamond S Herefords

I have been raising cattle (both dairy and beef) for 50 years for me or someone else. I settled on small-framed Hereford cattle (Miniature Herefords). They don't seem to be a "Heritage" breed simply because they are successful as a larger breed. These are smaller. More suitable for small farms and home raised beef. If you look at the breed you realize that a lot of other breeds use Hereford crosses to improve their cattle. They breed back well and are among the most docile cattle on the planet.

I have all purebred cattle that opens up the option of an X-cross with whatever you have. My stock are trained to halter to make them easier to manage. The goal of my operation is to provide breeding stock for people that want good beef with a minimal impact on the integrity of their small farm. A smaller foot print so to speak.

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Breeding stock for small farms

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