We are a new farm but have been concerned about animal welfare for generations. All of our animals are allowed room to roam but are kept in caged areas for their protection (we have a large number of predators including coyotes). We raise pedigreed rabbits including the rare breed of Harlequins and the endangered breed of Beverens in the blue variety. We also raise Heritage Breed Bronze Turkeys,Heritage Breed Royal Palm Turkeys, Slikie chickens and fresh brown eggs along with blue Americauna eggs (not Easter-eggers). Boer cross goats all animals are hand raised allowed to forage and are given gain daily no steroids or unnecessary products are given.

Listing last updated on Oct 6, 2009

Silkie Chickens Brown or Blue Eggs Heritage Breed Bronze Turkeys Heritage Breed Royal Palm Turkeys Endangered Blue Beveren rabbit Rare Breed of Harlequin rabbit Boar cross Goats Home made baked goods

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