Dill Herb Seasoning

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Dill Herb Seasoning

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Use Dill Seed in pickles, meats, seafood, cheeses and breads. It is an important flavoring in many spice blends, in salad dressings and as a pickling spice.

Dill seed is an old medicinal remedy. Rich in mineral salts, dill seed is used in salt-free diets. The seeds can also be used to make dill water or tea which can treat flatulence, hiccups, stomach ache, menstrual cramps, insomnia, colds and the flu. A weak infusion is used to treat colic in small children and indigestion in adults. The seeds can also be infused in a tea to stimulate milk production in nursing mothers, which can also help with the colic. The seeds can even be chewed after meals to sweeten your breath! Our Dill Seed is grown naturally, without chemical pesticides or herbicides and has been fertilized only with compost.

I am a one man operation gardening and saving seeds. It\'s a fun hobby of mine and I thought I would share the seeds with the world.

I ship out very promptly and I assure you that you\'ll receive the correct type and amount of seed you purchase. Thanks again.