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Located within the corporate city limits of Eldridge, Dillon Farm's brings to you farm fresh produce, poultry, eggs and livestock.

Our jumbo cornish rock chickens are naturally raised, no antibiotics or hormones, just locally grown corn, oats and beans, and are available year around. Hickory and Cajun smoked whole chickens are also available. Each summer we also offer pasture raised cornish rocks, they go fast so order early. We have a flock of brown egg layers that are pasture raised, in fact they may be in the drive when you visit. As a special attraction we have a small flock of green and blue egg layers. The kids love natural "Easter eggs" for breakfast.

Our black angus beef is pasture raised and supplemented with locally grown corn. This creates beef cuts with superior taste and exceptional marbeling. None of the cattle are given any type of growth enhancers. Our lamb is raised in the same manner as all of our products, no chemicals, just naturally. If lamb is your preferred taste I challenge you to find a more tender or better tasting product. If you have never tried it before, you don't know what you are missing.

We taste tested numerous varieties of sweet corn prior to deciding what to plant. We are sure you will love our sweet corn as well. We also have naturally grown tomatoes, rhubarb, cucumbers and numerous varieties of apples. Angela offers, in limited quantities, her strawberry jam. You will love it, stop by and visit us anytime, and get on our email list for news on the farm and up coming events.


Listing last updated on Mar 25, 2008

We routinely take orders for all poultry we have on hand, so call to reserve your order for the holidays. Our customers are always welcome to visit the farm, and sometimes asked to help mow.

Schedule and Location:

we will be updating soon

Schedule and Location:

please phone ahead

Schedule and Location:

at the end of the lane during sweet corn season and we will update any other locations

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