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At Dogpatch Farm we raise Pigs humanely on open pasture & woodland supplemented with hay, fruits & vegetables and grains. It's good for them, good for you and good for our environment. Order a Quarter, Half or Whole share for your freezer. We specialize in the The Mulefoot hog which is a rare Heritage breed known for its freckled marbling, superb flavor and exceptional hams. Retail cuts available at the farm & at Rosemont Street Markets of Portland and at Farmer's Markets in Washington, Union and Islesboro. Want to raise your own? Add your name to our piglet waiting list. Registered breeding pairs and trios occasionally available.

We also raise chickens for eggs and meat and Fresh Thanksgiving Day turkeys. We grow various open pollinated vegetables without the use of chemicals. We also offer BPA Free jam made from locally grown organic berries, organic peanut butter balls,various baked goods and baking mixes made from as many local and organic ingredients as possible as well as Balsam wreaths for the holidays.


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At Dogpatch Farm we believe and practice "know your farmer & fisherman". Buying local isn't just about great tasting food; it's about safer, healthier food, supporting the local economy and cutting the carbon footprint of our food supply. We value organizations that aspire to embrace fair trade principles and the many individual consumers who use their purchasing power to make a positive change in the lives of people and communities.

Schedule and Location:

Isleboro Friday Farmer's Market, Tuesday & Friday 10am - 2pm

Union Farmer's Market, Friday 3 pm- 6pm

Washington Grange Farmer's Market Saturday 10am - 1pm

Schedule and Location:

Year round at Farm by appointment

Whole pigs sold wholesale.

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I have eaten bacon, sausage, and pork chops from this farm and they are delicious! The pigs live a sweet life in the woods, fields and pens with good food and kindness.... [more]

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