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Dolce Farm and Orchards is a 50 acre farm in the scenic Chehelam Valley, in the heart of wine country, 25 miles SW of Portland. We offer free range - pastured -gmo free heritage Delaware chicken and eggs, grassfed-naturally grown Icelandic lamb, registered breeding stock, Icelandic fleeces and rovings for handspinners, Icelandic pelts, and pastured chicken.

We have skirted Icelandic Fleeces in natural colors - Black, Smokey Black, Gray, Silver Black, Buff, White, Cream, Spotted,Moorit (Reddish Brown) and more. We also have lovely natural and dyed Icelandic rovings for spinners, as well as Icelandic lamb roving. Our lamb pelts are luxurious, check our website for photos and availability. Icelandic Sheep are a triple purpose breed - meat, fleece and can be milked for homestead use.

Check our website for our handspun yarns-

Our pastured, rare Icelandic lamb, known for their delicious, lean meat and wonderful fleeces for handspinners in many colors and patterns. Our butcher uses a natural hanging process which makes for extra tender grass fed lamb. We sell whole or half lamb. Some natural food stores are importing Icelandic Lamb as a delicacy, why not try some locally grown? Also available is our grass fed, pork free Summer Salami Sausage. Due to the popularity of our lamb, we have a waiting list.

We have a flock of rare, heritage breed Delaware Chickens, know as a dual purpose breed for meat and are excellent egg layers! We offer pastured, free range brown eggs-and sometimes have pastured chicken/broilers/roasters available - Fed a natural diet, hormone and antibiotic free. Since a majority of their diet is fresh grass, their eggs are high in omega 3's, and a good source of Vitamin D. Important to ask or visit the farm where you purchase your eggs if their chickens have access to pasture and grass. Grass and weeds are the key to higher nutrition. Our hens have access to several acres of pasture. Our feed is locally grown in Oregon and is GMO free, beside being locally milled in OR. We find our hens field grazing intensively early in the mornings through later in the day until sunset. Eggs have dark yellow/orange yolks - so delicious!

If you are interested in Icelandic sheep or lambs, we offer registered, purebred breeding stock in many colors and patterns. Our focus is conformation, hornset, fleece and temperament, keeping in mind that Icelandic sheep are a meat breed. We have lambs and sometimes ewes/rams for sale. We enjoy helping new shepherds get started and can help you set up a breeding group. Multiple purchase, 4-H and FFA discounts available. Icelandic sheep are a medium breed, ewes average 150 pounds, rams 200. The range of their fleeces go from cashmere soft up through rug quality fleece (from older rams). Spinners, Weavers and Felters can use the wide variety of naturally colored fleeces for their projects.

We now have luxury Pygora roving for spinning! Locally processed and de-haired.This spins up very similar to cashmere - a little goes a long way! Any pattern for cashmere may be used. Most of the worlds Cashmere comes from China and Mongolia where overgrazing is rampant - leading to severe erosion and massive dust storms. We rotate our pastures and have plenty of room for our animals.

Dolce Farm and Orchards is tucked inbetween some of Chehelam Valley's finest wineries and vineyards, 25 miles SW of Portland. Come visit our website or give us a call to see what's in season and available!


Listing last updated on Oct 19, 2014

Artisan Jams and Jellies from our naturally grown fruits/berries in stock! Available through our website, or also at the McMinnville Grange Farmers market, 1700 Old Sheridan Road- McMinnville, OR - on Saturdays between 10AM-2PM.

Schedule and Location:

Farmers Market at the Grange, Saturdays - 10AM-2PM
1700 Old Sheridan Road, McMinnville, OR
We also sell from our farm, call or e-mail for an appointment-

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The best eggs ever - creamy and fresh, you can tell these eggs come from happy chickens!! The lamb sausage is delicious and I recommend trying everything - you won't be disappointed.... [more]

I had the great pleasure of enjoying breakfast at the farm. Truly the best eggs I've ever had. The Artison jams are so tasty and fresh. I went home with a box of eggs and jam to share with friends. This farm is a magical place.

These are the only eggs we eat in our home, we are so happy with the excellent flavor and quality of Dolce Farm and Orchard eggs, the egg yolks are bright orange in color and reach in flavor and creaminess!... [more]

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The rain has stopped, the sun is out - slight breeze twirls about. I step outside and start setting up my skirting "table" - a screen with a wooden frame that my husband made -, grab two saw horses, open them up and proceed to place the screen over them on the grass in the yard.... [more]

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