Double Decker Farm is focused on naturally raising a variety of livestock for meat purposes, including rabbit, duck, chicken, Japanese quail, and goat. We raise our animals naturally, with no antibiotic use or growth hormones, and have animals available for meat purposes throughout the year.

We have pastured, antibiotic free chicken available year round, sold in whole chickens or halves. In the warmer months, we can do custom orders of other cuts.

Goat and rabbit are sold live, available from the farm as "ready-to-butcher" livestock on a regular basis, however, we do not allow purchasers to process goat or any other animals on our property. We also can deliver your goat to a USDA butcher for custom processing.

We also have pastured, antibiotic free hens that lay brown and "blue" chicken eggs, and duck eggs in the warmer months.

We will have Amerucana, Blue Plymouth Rock, and Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks and Saxony, Appleyard, Cayuga, Runner and other breeds of ducklings available in early spring!

Fullblood and Percentage Boer goats for show, breeding, or meat are available for sale. The goats are pasture raised.

Rabbit manure is available for gardens as a source of organic fertilizer. This is not a "hot" fertilizer, so it is safe to go right from the rabbit hutch to the base of your plants. We have used it with amazing results!


Listing last updated on Jan 16, 2013

Naturally raised meats: rabbit, chicken, duck and goat. Pasture raised/antibiotic free eggs.

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