Double 'G' Ranch

The Double 'G' Ranch is situated in the quite community of Leicester, North Carolina. We are a family farm that practices Organic/ Natural farming in everything from our vegetables, flowers, chickens and egg production. The chickens are free range and organically fed.

We have a Americana, Araucana , Cuckoo Marans, Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Reds, Black Aurtralorps, Barred Rocks, Golden Comet, and Black Sex Link chickens, all happy and well fed. They all help produce our beautiful colored egg, green, blue, pink, brown, darkbrown, speckled and a few white eggs from our surrogate moms the game hens. We sell the eggs "ungraded", assorted sizes and colors. We also have baby chicks, so call and come by to see the great assortment. We have pigs, goats and horses also. Hopefully our garden will be producing soon and we will have fresh vegetables. More Information

Listing last updated on Jun 23, 2009

Come by for a tour of the ever expanding farm...the chickens have a BIG new house next to our garden on the hill. The horses are always around along with several family dogs.Goats and pigs round out the new additions along with Guinea hens and rabbits.

Schedule and Location:

Wednesdays : West Asheville Tailgate Market on Haywood Road. 3:30pm - 6:30pm

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This is a fun visit to a working farm: chickens ranging, piglets eating, goats clearing, dogs barking and everybody and everything seems happy and content.... [more]

How can you get eggs any fresher? or any more loved? Yes, all the chickens have names, and they know every last one of them. That is attention to detail.... [more]

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