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Established in 1997, Double H Bulbfarm is a grower of heirloom flowerbulbs found in Texas and throughout the Deep South. These living antiques have managed to survive persistantly through generations of pass along. Many of them remain settled on abandoned homesites and nestled in old cottage gardens across the countryside. With recent growth trends in rural development, many of their habitats are being destroyed. Our goal is to preserve and promote their use in the modern gardens of today.

What began as a rag-tag collection of rare heirloom flowerbulbs has expanded into a long-term educational facility focused on promoting the benefits of using heirloom bulbs in the garden. We offer a wealth of uses for heritage bulbs in the modern landscape and care & culture for each variety we grow. Our plans are to max production on our 10 acre site. For a cattle rancher that's not much but concerning our progress for the preservation of these living antiques, that's big, real big!


Listing last updated on Feb 23, 2007

Stay tuned to our website for a listing of markets in which we will be offering bulbs this fall. We are looking forward to a great harvest. This means you should look forward to adopting some of our southern jewels. As always we strongly support local agriculture through markets and CSA's. Through your support, we can bring fresh produce and sustainable farming back to Texas for good.

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