Our family farm consists of parents, 3 children (11+ to 18yrs old) and set of grandparents. Kids show rabbits at fairs and many other rabbits shows. Riley is 5th in the nation showing Cals. Besides raising show rabbits, Grandpa John raises commercial rabbits and quail for the raw pet food business Rodney started over a year ago. Grandma MaryKay raises chicks and has a flock of 140+ hens.

Our products we sell at present are:

  • Brown Eggs
  • Show rabbits
  • Quail
  • Raw Dog Food
  • Dehydrated Dog snacks
  • Rabbit Feed
  • Coming 2011 summer some vegetables and landscape plants. Animals are fed a high quality feed and hens will be pastured. We use no chemicals, antibotics or any unnatural additives in our animals or veggies.

    Listing last updated on May 10, 2011

    Schedule and Location:

    Someone is almost always at home at the farm for drop ins

    We do wholesale eggs and raw rabbit meat.

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