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$5 PER DOZEN!! We have Jumbo Duck eggs, collected daily so they are nice and fresh. These things are huge! A dozen eggs are over 2lbs! All of our ducks are as free range as a duck can be, while still protecting them from predators. They live a nice life in there with their pools, and their duck house. Not like those poor factory egg chickens. Feel good about what you eat. Also, Duck Eggs are an alkaline food, so they are perfect for cancer fighting diets. Never run out of yolk!

Sorry, we are still working on shipping, so stay tuned!

Listing last updated on Apr 7, 2012

Farm fresh, humanely produced, HUGE Duck Eggs!

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Last time I had duck eggs was 2 years ago when the ducks, unfortunately, were taken by coyotes. So, I was very thrilled to find out there is someone in the local area that carries duck eggs!

Jon is great to work with.... [more]

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