A unique experience, Down Home Farm is not a commercial enterprise, just our little homestead. As an energy worker (Reiki, Shamanic, etc.) I recognize the importance of the energetic integrity of the foods we eat. Raising stuff myself gives me the opportunity to be sure everything receives the care and appreciation it deserves and I learn a whole LOT at the same time! I sell what extra I have which is mostly milk, cheese, goats, miniature cows, pigs, emu eggs, occasionally chicken eggs and once in a while veggies if I have a bumper crop of something and/or don't have the time to put a days harvest away for winter use. I am overjoyed by the number of people taking responsibility for knowing where their food comes from and love providing mini-tours so folks can meet the animals but we don't have "hours" and this is a private residence so please give a call and set up an appointment. $5 donations for farm tours are appreciated if you're just checking us out and not a "customer." Thank you!


Listing last updated on Oct 11, 2010

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