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Downing Family Farm All Natural Meat

Downing Family Farms is a producer of All-Natural Black Angus Beef ,Pork, Pastured Poultry, and Pastured Eggs in Northeast Oklahoma. All of our animals are born here and fed here on our family farm. Our family members are the only "employees" involved in their care, so their care is consistent and the product is as well.

Our Angus cattle are continually pastured throughout their finishing process. They are on pastures consisting of bermuda grass, fescue, and clovers. They are fed a minimal amount of grain to produce the correct marbling and tenderness in the meat. We custom design all vegetarian rations using only locally grown grains, with no antibiotics added, no steroids, no growth hormones, and no animal bi-products in their rations.

Our pastured poultry feature a Cornish cross, known for their large breasts and wonderful flavor, raised in portable floorless shelters. These shelters are moved daily allowing the chickens to ingest copious amounts of greens. The result is a wonderfully flavored chicken unlike any that you have had before!

Our pastured eggs are raised in an "eggmobile." This eggmobile is moved every few days allowing the hens fresh pasture. The results are a deep colored yolk that stands up above the egg, and is easily separated from the whites by hand! They are high in CLA's and very low in cholesterol!

Our animals are fed, handled, and harvested in a very humane way and our processing facilities are HAACP certified and USDA inspected. Our products will arrive hard frozen in clear vacuum packaging containing our farms name, cut of meat, Julian packing date, and weight. Farm visits are always welcome. We always have baby calves, pigs, puppies and even mini horses. Contact us for samples!


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Shipping in the continental US available, or delivery to your freezer in the NE Oklahoma area available

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