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Dreamcatcher Farms specializes in Bluefaced Leicester and mule sheep which are "hill breeds" with a BFL sire. Crossing with the BFL is common practice in the UK. It adds just he right qualities to those tough hill sheep (Shetlands, Scottish Blackface, Cheviot among many others) that thrive with poor grazing and harsh weather. Bluefaced Leicesters, or BFL as they are more commonly referred to as, adds milkiness, better growth rate and fleece quality. The BFL also has a longer tubular body which makes lambing easier with the smaller hill sheep as well as creating a longer loin.

We will be offering purebred Bluefaced Leicester breeding stock and are working to diversify our flock with exceptional lines from all over the country. We will be selecting for excellent wool, both white and natural colored, good mothers, worm resistance as well as quality prime lamb production. We look for hardiness and the ability to grow fast on pasture without the supplementation of grain.

We strive to produce beautiful, clean fleeces, perfect for hand spinners and fiber artists. Each of the breeds we've chosen have one or more of the qualities that we desire; long staple, nice crimp, softness and beautiful luster.


Listing last updated on Feb 21, 2012

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