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Dreaming Cow Creamery was created to provide our supporters with high quality, socially responsible dairy products that help to ensure their health, the health of the environment and the health of the farmers and cows who provide the milk.

Dreaming Cow uses only the highest quality of milk collected from our family's own grass grazed, Jersey-cross herds. Our cows are never housed in barns and live on expertly managed grasslands year round. The low stress lifestyle, coupled with a natural grass based diet and the calm interaction of our farmers has helped to create milk that is unmatched in quality and in taste which we believe you will immediately be able to recognize and love just as we do.

Dreaming Cow Creamery is a family enterprise owned and operated by Kyle and Janelle Wehner. We are happy to do farm and processing plant tours by appointment.

Dreaming Cow Creamery uses milk from a small farm called Jumping Gully Dairy. Jumping Gully is one of three grass based, New Zealand-style rotational grazing dairies owned by our family. Our grazing dairies are unique in that, due to our climatic advantage (lots of sunshine and precipitation and it doesn't snow!), we are able to graze high quality grasses year round. This of course has a great effect on our milk quality and taste, and thus on the products that our family is able to produce. We like to think of it as our regional flavor not unlike those differing regional flavors found in Europe and Asia. It is important to note that the farms are not organic, as we have consciously reached out to hybrid ecological and biological farming methods instead. As a consumer you have a right to know where your food comes from and how it was grown and processed, and Dreaming Cow wants to be transparent and open to you in order to fulfill this right.

Our family's farms practice biological farming methods which nurture the animal from the soil upwards by maintaining a high level of soil organic matter which behaves as a magnificent nutrient sponge, clinging onto all the many different minerals while creating an ideal landscape for beneficial soil micro-organisms to thrive in symbiosis with the grasslands. A soil which is rich in life and nutrients yields those very same characteristics to the plants and the animals which coexist alongside it. This is the core concept of both our animal health and our food quality philosophies.


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Ours cows are provided the unconfined bliss of endless year round pasture, long healthy lives free of added growth hormones, and plenty of exercise. We believe in responsible, biological agriculture based on a foundation of healthy and sustainable soil, and our yogurts are 100% all natural, with no refined sugars and minimally processed with no stabilizers or preservatives-- exactly as yogurt was meant to be made and enjoyed.

Schedule and Location:

We attend the following markets:

Peachtree Road Farmers Market (Atlanta, Ga): Saturdays April-December

Union Square Farmers Market (Gainesville, Fl): Wednesdays, Jan-Jan

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