Dried Navajo-Churro Sheep Manure

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Dried Navajo-Churro Sheep Manure

Navajo-Churro Dried Sheep Manure, Great for your Garden, Veggies, Mushrooms, Container Gardening, etc.

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Navajo-Churro Dried Sheep Manure

Sold by the pound, this is the same manure that is in the teabags but sold in bulk.

Use it in your garden in many ways: can be tilled into your soil, spread on top, use as side dressing, or make a tea to water plants or foliar feed.

Encourages earthworms, which are great for your soil in many ways.

Handpicked, totally natural and unprocessed, straight from our rare breed Navajo-Churro sheep pasture to you. This is pure sheep manure, nothing else (we don't filter it so you might get some wool of bits of grains etc..) It is all natural and great for compost or soil additive as is.

The material is totally natural, no chemicals of any kind are used (we don't eat our sheep & no hormones are used, they're fat because we feed em!) - this is raw material that would form an outstanding base for composting. Has a slight odor but totally natural, sheep manure is very dry and light, very little smell by comparison to goat or cow.

Sheep provide one of the better manures available, better than cow or horse according to the sources I have. Sheep manure has nearly twice the nitrogen of horse, and more than twice of cow; half again as much as horse or cow in phosphorus; and in potash more than double cow and better than horse by a small margin. There is no better manure available than sheep and we use it ourselves in our gardens.

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