Dried Partially Composted Sheep Manure Mix

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Dried Partially Composted Sheep Manure Mix

Dried Partially Composted Navajo-Churro Sheep Manure Mix

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Dried Partially Composted Sheep Manure Mix

From our rare Navajo-Churro Sheep

Great for your garden. Earthworms love it.

We raise our sheep as natural as possible on our off-grid ranch in the White Mountains of Arizona.

This material is totally natural, no chemicals of any kind are used. Totally natural and unprocessed, straight from our sheep pasture to you. This is a mix of sheep manure, alfalfa, and the grains we feed our sheep that gets compressed in their evening holding area. We simply gather it up and bag it. It is a mix of manure, some of which has been dried and pounded into a dust as it lines their shelters and feeding areas/fence lines.

This raw material forms an outstanding base for composting or earth worms / earthworms. It has a slight odor but totally natural. We use it as a compost base, much as the manure itself, but as its dryer and more fine, it mixes and breaks down better (lasts longer in storage).

We use this extensively in our organic no-till gardening. Also good for growing mushrooms and square-foot gardening.

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