Duck Eggs

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Duck Eggs

1 dozen free range duck eggs from heritage breed ducks

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 one dozen duck eggs$5.50

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Our duckys are free to roam the whole farm and lay big white eggs. Most of these come the heritage breed Welsh Harlequin, though we also have Buff Orpington, and Muscovy ducks.

Duck eggs are bigger and have proportionally larger yolks than chicken eggs. They are great for baking and I much prefer them fried over easy. They are not as good for whipping the egg whites.

The English, French, and many East Asians find Duck eggs preferable to their cackling cousins offerings.

Our Plymouth Barred Rocks, Amaracuanas and other are happy hens that provide delectable fresh eggs and fertile hatching eggs.

Honey's Farm Fresh has all free range, naturally raised poultry. They are antibiotic free and enjoy plenty of sunshine.