Fresh free range duck eggs from heritage ducks - a specialty for bakers and epicures.

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It's now December 23rd, 2008, I have 14 Khaki Campbell hens laying eggs. It's amazing how well they do even though the weather here is foul. Even though our temps are around zero fahrenheit, I'm getting nine to fourteen eggs daily - plenty for us, our family and friends and our regular customers. When the temps are more reasonable, in the 20's, I would be comfortable shipping again.

Our ducks are kept in a coop at night to protect them from predators and allowed to roam freely through tens of acres pastures during the day. They forage for greens, roots and insects all of which are not sprayed with any herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. During the cold winter, I supplement their feed with plenty of vegetables and fruits to keep them at peak health. They will eat turnips, cauliflower, mangos, green trimmings, you name it. Some people are surprised but I think they are just appreciative of getting fresh foods when they can't forage under the snow.

Happy New Year in 2009!


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Fresh Free Range Duck Eggs from a Heritage Breed.

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