Dunhill Ranch All-Natural Grass-Fed Lamb

Magdalena, New Mexico
Family Farm

Dunhill Ranch All-Natural Grass-Fed Lamb

At Dunhill Ranch, we believe that the way lamb is raised matters. Abundant pasture, pure water, and a natural diet are essential to producing great tasting lamb.

Our lambs are born, weaned, and raised on our ranch, so that we can guarantee that they are healthy and always have been. Once weaned, they graze freely on our pastures and are fed no grain, hormones, or antibiotics.

Our lambs are raised on a natural cycle and are typically available from August through December. Occasionally, we can accommodate out-of-season requests.

For complete information on how our lamb is raised and how you can purchase it, please visit our web site at www.dunhillranch.com

We sell whole or half lambs, cut to your requirements. We handle delivery to the processor, and can deliver to your home or business anywhere in the Rio Grande Valley between San Antonio and Espanola NM, including Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Socorro. We also have retail packages of lamb (chops, boneless legs, ground lamb etc.), processed in a USDA-inspected facility, for sale.

For people adventurous enough to try processing their own lamb, we offer facilities and assistance for a nominal charge.


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Schedule and Location:

Socorro Farmer's Market - Tuesday Evenings

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This was my first purchase of a full lamb. It is GREAT. the taste is wonderful. With the exception of the butchering I have been pleased and have ordered another and my daughter is going to order one also.... [more]

Our church ordered 5 lambs last year from Dunhill Ranch. We're agreed - it's wonderful lamb, cut to order (within reason), and delivered to a convenient pick up spot for us.... [more]

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