While my farm is small, I have healthy, happy hens that are cage-free and they enjoy pasture free-range feeding. They lay beautiful brown eggs with deep golden yolks. The hens are never given any artificial medications, hormones or antibiotics.

We now have baby ducks. This past winter we lost all of our ducks and are now excited that we have baby ducks and expect to start having duck eggs in the next 4 - 5 months. Also, the new baby chicks are in and we are hoping to have new baby goats sometime in May.

I also have 2 Dwarf Nigerian Goats and two baby goats. I now have goats milk available which is good for puppies or kittens that their mom cannot feed them. (Raw goats milk is not for human consumption.) My husband and I drink the goats milk and cannot wait until summer when I will try to make goats milk ice cream.

I am always glad to give a tour of my small farm and especially love having children to visit or even small groups such as scouts. Not only do I have chickens, ducks and goats but I also have a horse, cat and dog that love to be petted. ( I also give tours for just adults.) Please call ahead of time to set up an appointment for a farm tour.

I teach classes on how to raise a small flock of chickens in the backyard and I am available to present programs to groups/garden clubs about the many benefits of chickens, ducks and goats . Also, I am glad to help individuals start their own backyard flocks. If interested in any of these programs, call and I will be glad to help any way that I can.

Chicken Eggs - $2.50 / Dozen Raw fresh or Frozen Goats Milk



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Fresh Brown Chicken Eggs Duck Eggs for Holiday Baking cakes, cookies and candies Farm Tours with chickens, ducks, Dwarf Nigerian Goats and horse

Schedule and Location:

Eggs are available at the farm, whenever I am home. Call and we can decide a time to meet. With time change. I prefer selling during daylight hours. Call 205-910-1277 or

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We bought some eggs from this farm for the first time today and Diane was kind enough to give us a tour of her farm. The eggs are beautiful and they come from REALLY WELL CARED FOR chickens.... [more]

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