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Earthly Remedies makes all natural hand salves, hand creams, baby products, lip balms, deodorant, herbal tinctures, pet products, wool dryer balls (made with local wool) and more. They are added value products made with beeswax (of which I use some of my own), organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, a variety of organic essential oils, and organic herbs that I grow myself. I am committed to providing products that are 100% natural and 100% chemical free, and mostly all organic, which means no petroleum, no preservatives, no parabens, no GMO's, no synthetic fragrances, no stabilizers. All products are safe to use on children and pets. I make everything in small batches and fresh to order.

I started this endeavor about 4 years ago and it has slowly grown. I primarily started this business due to issues with my and my family�??s health; I was diagnosed over 10 years ago with Multiple Sclerosis. Since then I decided that I had to take better care of myself �?? and that meant changing how and what I eat and to what I expose my body to - that is what really started me on this journey. Around the same time I had my first son and then 3 years later my second son. My second son ended up having a number of his own health problems (food allergies, asthma, and skin rashes) and I found that making and using my own skincare products and herbal remedies on him seemed to help a lot of the issues. I progressively stopped buying cleaning products, lotions, bubble baths, and soaps and replacing them with my own recipes. Over time, I found that a number of other people wanted to use my products as well, or asked me to create similar products for their own issues. With the encouragement of friends and family, my efforts eventually grew into Earthly Remedies by Erin.

I am also a non certified organic gardener. I grow most of my own veggies that I put up for the winter along with a lot of the herbs that I use in many of my products. We are vegetarian and raise our own chickens for eggs, and we have a couple of beehives. I do sell our extra produce and eggs throughout the summer. You can purchase most of those products online at Schoharie fresh or by calling and stopping by the house. I am a by appointment only business so please call before stopping by.


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Please check my website for details and a list of dates for the events and markets I will be attending. Visit my facebook page to stay up to date on where I will be and new products that are added to my line. I do a monthly newsletter with sales and specials; please email me or visit my website to sign up .

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Love the products. The eczema relief cream is the only thing that has helped my daughter,relieves the itching and redness.Love the wool dryer balls!!!! Great customer service.

I have loved every product I have tried from Earthly Remedies. I love the all natural ingredients and her customer service is superb!

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