Echigo Farm

We are a small family farm in the Missouri Ozarks. We specialize in Japanese and other East Asian produce, particularly edamame, daikon, komatsuna, and many distinctive Japanese varieties of tomato, eggplant, cucumber, winter squash, greens, root vegetables, herbs, and grains. I (Mark) lived in Japan for 12 years. We (Mark and Kumiko) met there, married, and started our family in northern Niigata prefecture. While in Japan, we were active in rice growing, sake brewing, traditional fermentation techniques, and small-scale organic agriculture. Since moving back to the U.S. in 2009, we have embarked on our dream of introducing traditional Japanese food culture to the Midwest on a sustainable, organic farm.

Projects for this year include installing a certified kitchen space. We are aiming at year-round production of a diverse range of agricultural products, including fresh produce, frozen produce, baked goods, and fermented foods.

We are active in local farmers' markets and outreach programs. We welcome farm tours and interns, especially during the busy summer/early autumn season.


Listing last updated on Feb 7, 2011

We are an 18 acre family farm specializing in Japanese produce, baked goods, and traditional fermented foods.

Schedule and Location:

Greater Springfield Farmers' Market (Springfield, MO)
Christian County Farmers' Market (Ozark, MO)

We sell fresh edamame to specialty supermarkets and restaurants.
We are happy to discuss wholesale options for any of our produce.

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